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Python Värmland is a user group for people using the Python programming language in Värmland - a province in southern Sweden. Its goal is to provide a local community where people can meet and exchange experiences, and learn from each other in a friendly and welcoming environment.

Who is Python Värmland for?

Python Värmland is open for all interested Python programmers, regardless of experience level. Its founder considers himself to be an intermediate-level Python developer. If you're just starting out on your Python journey, we'd love to have you be part of our community - helping new developers learn Python is one of the goals of our goals.

How do you become a member of Python Värmland?

For now, the closest we get to formal membership is joining our Slack community or our Fediverse instance PythonDevs.social - read more about them on our Community page page.

We will teach you Python

Head over to our tutorial Python for Absolute Beginners and Experienced Programmers. It will go through the basics of Python programming for you, with exercises to help you along. If you get stuck, just post a comment or head over to our Community and ask there, and we will help you.

Besides the community, what do you guys do here?

When we manage to drum up enough interest, the plan is to host meetups in Karlstad. In the mean time, we post articles on the blog from time to time.

Why English?

Why is this site in English, if it's for a Swedish user group? Well, the idea is to be as inclusive as possible. Not everyone who works with Python in Värmland knows Swedish, but I'm fairly certain that Python programmers who don't speak English are few and far between.

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