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New tutorial: Python for Beginners

Written by Christer Enfors on 2020-08-12

I have written and posted the first four parts of a tutorial called Python for Absolute Beginners and Experienced Programmers in the new Tutorials section. The tutorial aims to be easy to follow even if you never programmed before. Each part also contains a "Short version" for people with experience in other programming languages that don't need to have the concept of "if" statements explained to them, but rather just need to know the Python syntax for them.

Each part of the tutorial ends with an exercise, the answer of which is revealed in the next part. The aim is to expand on this tutorial, hopefully adding at least one part per week for now. Once we have around ten to fifteen parts, I suspect that will be "good enough"; even if you're a complete beginner, after you've read (and done the exercises of) that many parts, I think you should have an easier time than before in following other more advanced tutorials.

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